I tried to rise up but couldn’t. I was tied to the table and couldn’t move. Where on earth could this be? I started to squirm a little trying to move. I was totally secured to the table. I was coming out of the anesthesia more and started looking around the room as best I could.

The room was all white and real clean. My head was secured, and I could only move my eyes to see…Nothing made sense. Where am I? Did I die? Is this heaven? Or did I not make it to heaven? That disk in the south pasture—could that have anything to do with it? All I remember was looking at that glowing disk and then waking up here… I kept my eyes closed, not wanting them to know I was awake until I could figure this out in my mind.

I heard a soft feminine voice say, “David, are you awake?”


The last thing West Texas rancher David McKenzie remembers is a flying saucer hovering over his pasture. He wakes up to find himself face-to-face with an alien. But when Clair, his captor, shows him his own photo album of his family, he’s in for even a bigger shock. This strange-looking creature is his granddaughter, seven generations into the future!

Clair quickly fills him in on the dire situation of the earth in her time. Criminals run free, food and oxygen are in limited supply, and the government is corrupt. Time is running out for his descendants, and they have chosen David for a seemingly impossible task; to save the human race.

David returns home, ready for action. There’s only one problem. Who’s going to believe him?